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God is still speaking

The words of the divine
fill more than pages,
more than buildings of wood and stone.

They are in every crack and creek
every groan and every peek.
They roam the deserts, mountains, moores,
roam the valleys, forests, shores.

Long ago they courted sages
who copied them to sacred pages
bound in leather, shared with all
rich and poor, great and small.

The words, however, continued on
inspiring new stories, songs.
A living legacy, born again
with each generation who found them.

And God is still speaking, to those who would hear,
with open hearts and open ears
while zealots guard, with deadly swords
the molted husks of living words.


Notes floating along
like bubbling water with
flashing colors.


The fighter’s skill,
the stoic’s will,
the healer’s grace,
the fallen’s face,
the wanderer’s chill.


The heat is horrid,
and uncomfortable, but
the cold cuts far worse.

Statuesque embrace

They held each other,
passion blind to the moment,
they hugged so fiercely.


Friendships made
and friendships lost
prices paid,
and damn the cost.

Those I trusted most
left me betrayed,
threw me from their host.

The things I braved…
I wil not boast.
My soul was saved,
and damn the cost.


Fingers entwining
the lovers pillow-talk while
lying by the fire.


Clouds in the sky
dance before my eye,
ephemeral and free,
so touching to me
I can’t help but cry.

The value of a good book

Walk a thousand miles
wearing another man’s shoes
without leaving home.

Deus ex Machina

Oh man-made idol,
you’re a shallow replacement
for a living god.

Naming names 2

I remember
the way you were that night:
a bully, brute - nothing like a

Ebb and flow

The seasons will change
and we must ride the changes
like the moon and the tides.

Evening colors

Long shadows stretch
And the sun’s final sparks
Light the sky with crimson and gold


Purple flowers bloom
between cemetery stones
as life continues.

Icy hot

A spicy entree
is my justification
for ice cream dessert.