A (wise) man of two faces
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The Hierophant V

Beloved of the Gods,
The High Priest leads the masses
in sacred service.

The Island of Lost Souls

I’ve lost my home, my place, my time,
lost my luster, sparkle, shine;
the lonely road broke my stride
broke my back and scared my pride.

The Emperor IV

Astride the red horse,
his ambitions know no bounds,
honor no borders.

The Empress III

Her husband at war,
she uses cunning and guile
to protect her throne.

Taking center stage

Listen and learn,
children anew,
to the world’s turning
echo through you.

Life may leave you blue,
stoic and stern,
and stuck in a queue.

So let your spirit burn,
not merely simmer and stew,
let the bell of your return
echo through you.

The High Priestess II

In the cool moonlight,
The Priestess breathes her prayers,
chaste and otherwise.


My spirit soars
and my libido roars
from the bliss
of our first kiss
and they demand more.

The Magician I

Magician’s powers
don’t come from smoke and mirrors
but transformation.

The Fool 0/XXII

The Fool makes merry
the king, the court, the people
but never himself.

Tough Love

Love is complex
it’s rarely simple;
it’s more than a reflex
to a flattering dimple.

It’s not a science,
no matter what they say.
When they’d predict compliance,
their subjects gainsay.

It is a feeling,
but that word falls short
of how love leaves you reeling
from its fierce retorts.

PerhapsĀ love is a force:
unstoppable, immovable, and without remorse.


My head is pounding,
the stress of it all threatens
to break me in two.

Myths and Legends

I may look plain
but the dragons I’ve slain
in the depths of my heart
make me stand apart
with the strength I’ve gained.

The Horde

The crowd pressing in,
too many, to much, too loud -
I must get away.

Happily never after

Once upon a time,
their love was like no other.
Once upon a time…


Kith and kin
the ones who’re in
when you have no plan,
when the shit hits the fan,
but you still push for the win.