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Non fiction

What’s reality?
Hard lines and cutting edges
and the scars they leave?


Dirt under his nails
Crisscrossed scars, old and faded
A man’s calluses.


I wish you death and despair,
ill health and no hair;
I pray that this hex
withers even your sex
and breaks you beyond repair.

The long, hard job

Sunrise to sunset,
I walk out that door and I
return when work’s done.

The measure of words

Short and sweet
Rhyming, timing, symbolizing
Still words run deep
Narrating, describing, climaxing
Rich and full


Working on the lines,
it’s just another day of
working on the lines.

To the death

I have loved and lost,
and buried my heart so I
would not love again.


The storm and the song
carry me along
through war and strife
this tumultuous life
to where I belong.

Book 3 announcement

I’ve been working on my third publication over the past few months and I’ll be finalizing the last of the details by the end of the week.

The title of my third book is, “2011:  The Year I was in Love”.  It will contain my work from March of 2011 through the end of that year.

I’m publishing it as both a paperback through CreateSpace and Amazon and as an ebook through the Kindle store.  I’ll post links as soon as everything is ready, which should be within the next week.


Take care whom you hold.
Unworthy arms will never
treat you with respect.

The Eye of the Storm

All of the noise
from the girls and boys
makes me crawl in my skin;
their damnable din
challenges my poise.

Close to our heart

The words that hurt most
come from the mouths of those whom
we most desire praise.


I am dumbfounded;
the words catch in my throat, and
they refuse to budge.


Cascading words
Alien syllables
Hide a depth and meaning beyond
Our ken

The catch

Just what should I say
to the people who’ve hurt me.
My words have failed me.