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The Island of Lost Souls

I’ve lost my home, my place, my time,
lost my luster, sparkle, shine;
the lonely road broke my stride
broke my back and scared my pride.

Crumbling covenant

They laid a deep foundation
out of their beliefs,
a faith which they believed could shoulder
all the world’s griefs.

They built the walls up, stone by stone,
with pious prayers and tears
in faith that they’d stand tall and strong
through the endless years.

But when they went to raise the rafters,
much to their surprise,
they’d exhausted all their faith
and run out of supplies.

Sensual shadows

Midnight sex’s quite heaven-sent,
a passion which won’t relent.
For even in the darkest night,
the fire still keeps burning bright.

Patchwork quilt city

This patchwork quilt city is composed
of buildings all lined up in rows,
though their stories are of different hues:
reds and browns and whites and blues.

And towering over the different peoples
are the restaurant roofs and church steeples
who compose an elegant skyline
both jagged and yet quite sublime.

But woven through the very work
are the opinions, pride, and, yes, the quirks
of all the people who live here
who think it mad, yet hold it dear.

The beauty of falling in love

A hope spun out on spider’s thread
that breathes new life into the dead;
a grace that lies within the breeze
that lets the gifted breath with ease.

A long draught for the thirsty man
and sunshine for the darkened land.
A song that breaks the silent night;
a balm which makes the weary light.

The feeling that the poet seeks
which brings a blush to ladies cheeks;
the artist who paints over blue
by simply saying, “I love you.”

The dreaming

Autumn flowers
in earthly shades
fall in showers
as summer fades.

Faith in the bones

The die is cast,
its face unknown;
behold all the hopes
in this little stone.

My name rings like a silver bell

A moon in the night,
a song of the stars
that whispers, “Come what might
you know just just who you are.”


A song cuts through silence
while warm tears thaw grief.
The words, “I love you,” save
with steadfast belief.

Soul survivor

Weariness oft follows strife
down our winding road of life
and it take a strong and righteous will
to persevere beyond “the kill”.

In Need

Each time I come to you the same:
beaten, broken, crippled, lame
with tears trailing down my face
and begging for a moment’s grace.


The dawn breaks upon the night
like a rolling, crimson wave
and that meager scarlet sight
gives some the courage to be brave.

Into the wild

The winter chill reveals my breath
though over-exposure promises death
there are some who brave the night
in search of something just out of sight.


I learned this life by rote
memorized each and every note
of its quiet, unspoken song
in hopes I might one day belong.

The Fallen

I stand over the corpses of friendships
grief-stricken and whispering, “Please come back!”
Their unobliging souls had departed
and left me in search of greener pastures.