A (wise) man of two faces
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Clouds in the sky
dance before my eye,
ephemeral and free,
so touching to me
I can’t help but cry.

The value of a good book

Walk a thousand miles
wearing another man’s shoes
without leaving home.

Deus ex Machina

Oh man-made idol,
you’re a shallow replacement
for a living god.

Naming names 2

I remember
the way you were that night:
a bully, brute - nothing like a

Ebb and flow

The seasons will change
and we must ride the changes
like the moon and the tides.

Evening colors

Long shadows stretch
And the sun’s final sparks
Light the sky with crimson and gold


Purple flowers bloom
between cemetery stones
as life continues.

Icy hot

A spicy entree
is my justification
for ice cream dessert.


The burden and the blame,
the stain on my name;
the feelings of guilt
fall as layers of silt
petrifying my shame.

The mob 2

Fade into the crowd.
You try to lose yourself, but
you can’t hide your shame.


The padded white walls,
and the sanitary halls,
artificially pristine
like they’re trying to clean
the disgrace of the fall.

The mob 1

Chorus of voices,
raised in celebration? Song?
No - demanding blood.


A thousand year love
was not without its hard times,
but they talked it out.


Regardless the song
keeps flowing along
hurried and breathless,
fevered and restless,
injured…but strong.

Pillow talk

Love in the morning -
the time we had together
was not spent idly.

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