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I am dumbfounded;
the words catch in my throat, and
they refuse to budge.


Cascading words
Alien syllables
Hide a depth and meaning beyond
Our ken

The catch

Just what should I say
to the people who’ve hurt me.
My words have failed me.


My heart,
my Beloved,
I miss you more each day
and pray for your safe arrival.

Morning malaise

Why did I think it
a good idea to stay
up past 3am?

Birthday suit

It was no surprise:
he came home caked and messy,
just like he was born.

School daze

They dance and flutter,
like leaves on the breeze.
They ribbon ‘round the May pole
and under the Harvest Moon.

Oh, those reminiscent days…
when life was simple
and love was all you needed…

How I love you,
my yesteryears.
How you glow
with prideful colors.


New flower feeling,
but deliveries have stopped,
and the roses browned.


Your pages whisper words unspoken by your lips
while lacking the language softly spoken by your curves
whose depth falls short of your thoughtfulness
which could never compare to your simple honesty.

First-time father

This little person
will be depending on me?
How will I ever…?

#FP (Friday Phrases) 3/21/2014

She ran
But he followed,
Chasing her through the woods
And shouting at her as they ran

"Amanda stop!
You’re going to get hurt!
Please stop and let’s talk about this!”
He shouted.

She turned
And spat at him,
"How dare you! How DARE you!!
After what you told me tonight -
Fuck you!”

He froze
And asked slowly,
"Why are you so upset?
I only told you ‘I love you.’
What’s wrong?”

“‘What’s wrong?!’
Did you even
Consider my feelings?!
Remember I have a husband?

"That’s true
But we’ve dated
For the past six months now.
Did you think I would never fall
For you?”

"But you
Promised me you
Would keep it platonic!
How am I supposed to respond
To this?!”

"You’re right -
I did promise.
And I never should have.
And you should never have asked that
Of me.

"But I
Cannot pretend -
No, I will not pretend -
That these last six months meant nothing
To me.

"So I
Will say again,
I love you Amanda.
I can’t imagine life without
You here.”

She cried
And she asked him,
"What do you want from me?
Do you think I’ll leave my husband
For you?”

He sighed,
"No, I do not.
That will never happen.
But I had to say this before
I left.

If you cannot
Love me like I deserve
Tonight is the last night you will
See me.

"I don’t
Deserve to be
Treated like a secret.
And if you really loved me you

"So this
Is our goodbye,
Our last night together.
And if you have nothing to say,
I’ll go.”

She shouted,
"No! Don’t leave me!
Don’t leave me all alone!
I don’t know what I’ll do without
You here.

"I just
Feel so lonely
Every day I’m with him.
I can’t leave but I hate feeling

"You can.
You can leave him.
You don’t have to stay there.
You needn’t stay miserable
With him.

Your life,
And your happiness,
Belong to you alone

This is the complete text of my #FP story.  #FP is a Twitter collaborative project where the participants tell stories using Twitter’s 140 character limit.  You can read more about it here:  http://fridayphrases.com/ and follow them on Twitter at @FridayPhrases.

They throw the first stone,
trying to knock me down, but
I am the mountain.

Differences in grief

My friend lost a child,
a little, brown-eyed girl.
The people mourned with them,
and brought flowers over,
and shared in their tears.

Every year they visit her grave
to honor her memory.

My friend lost his business,
a little grocery store.
The people called him weak,
and mocked him incessantly,
and he cried himself to sleep.

He hung himself last year;
no one brought flowers.


All my detractors
try to pull me down with words,
but I will be free.

Into that long night

Ere the midnight creeps on by,
ere the storm comes blowing by,
ere my dreams traverse the sky,

ere exhaustion shuts my eye.

forward and back