A (wise) man of two faces
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Candy hearts

Hate’s the sweetest thing -
it’s easier to swallow
than most medicine.

Love’s a harder sale -
it needs careful nurturing
and encouragement.

The morning after

The sky looks different,
but I know that is not true;
I’m the one who changed.

Wearied weather

Searching the sky,
looking for clues,
and wondering why
no one answers you.

You scream and you shout
but the clouds just don’t care;
they flutter about
and give bored gray stares.

So you turn away,
and retreat inside,
perhaps to pray,
or perhaps to hide.

But your problems don’t wait at the door,
they follow you in to trouble you more.


The wylds of nature
remain a stone’s throw away,
off the beaten path.

The Wanderer

Red, Black
Platinum, Blue
Why’d Johnnie cross the road?
We’ll never know, but what he found
tastes great.


Indigo night sky,
you see such scandalous sights,
you blush a deep plum.


You talk a good game,
but I’ve seen you unguarded.
I know your true face.

Champion in chains

Because you’re brave
you think you can save
the weary and weak,
but the quest that you seek
will make you a slave.

Drum circle

The thunder and heat,
the reverberating beat -
echoes of Summer.

Solomon’s Temple

The king sits alone
upon his throne,
the burden of the crown
weighing him down
like a circlet of stone.


A crouching stillness
unspoken conversation
self-study project.


The breeze feels so good,
blowing swarthy ocean air
'cross my parched heart.


The storm rages
like an angry god;
drops of Jupiter
hammering the world.

New gods lie
in temples and churches.
Old gods dwell
in the heart of the storm.

They rage
and break upon the world.
They roar
and the very sky trembles.

They rage and roar
and laugh and cry
and bridge the gap
between man and storm.


Each and every day
I do the exact same thing,
chuckling softly.

Spring night in the rain

this sensation,
soft, warm, and prickling…
I wonder if this is what love
feels like…