A (wise) man of two faces
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I wish you death and despair,
ill health and no hair;
I pray that this hex
withers even your sex
and breaks you beyond repair.


The storm and the song
carry me along
through war and strife
this tumultuous life
to where I belong.

The Eye of the Storm

All of the noise
from the girls and boys
makes me crawl in my skin;
their damnable din
challenges my poise.


I will find a way
to make you pay
for what you did
to my kid -
you will rue the day.

The choices we make

Why aren’t you bitter
from loving her?
She never loved you -
her feelings were not true.

I’m not that lover.

Time warp

It’s been so long
since I heard this song.
It takes me back to a place,
reminds me of a face,
and a time we got along.


Now the end of the year
has drawn very near
tomorrow’s a new chance
for hope and romance -
what is there to fear?

Holiday hustle

We’re driving every which way
on Christmas eve, Christmas day
to see siblings, cousins, aunts,
and everyone’s grandparents
for holiday parties.

Pensive Path

As I wonder in the snow,
where I’m going, I don’t know,
I can’t find the trail
amid the wind and the hail
threatening to lay me low.


The ties which bind us together
through bright and friendly weather
but when skies turn gray
and those friends go away
the remainder are brothers.

The storm unleashed

Let go of your fears
and quit holding your tears
you could part the skies
with all of your sighs
over the years.


Yes, you will age
with every turn of the page
but do so with grace
and a smile on your face
and they’ll call you, “Sage.”


So refined
and sublime
but don’t be jealous;
you’ll get your wish,
just give it time.


These accursed butterflies
fill my stomach up with lies;
they say to hold her tight
not tomorrow, but tonight -
desperation crystallized.


I carry along
both the sword and the song
barely breaths apart
in the depths of my heart,
right where they belong.