A (wise) man of two faces
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The padded white walls,
and the sanitary halls,
artificially pristine
like they’re trying to clean
the disgrace of the fall.


Regardless the song
keeps flowing along
hurried and breathless,
fevered and restless,
injured…but strong.

Not in season

The superficial
and artificial:
see if you can take
something so fake
and make it official.

Family planning

A family of four
who wants one more
has fun trying,
but I’m not lying,
they’re a little sore.


The voice whispered,
"You should have kissed her
But you lost your head,
you froze instead,
and now you’ve missed her.”

To the left

I’ve lost the light
guiding me tonight;
I can’t find the way
and I’m starting to stray
to the sinister.

The Worldsong

I catch the beat
walking down the street
and I’m surrounded
by the sounds and
I can’t help but tap my feet.

The Narrows

An elective
too selective
mars reflection,
breeds rejection
warps perspective.


Ah, my belle
all’s not well;
your bouncing knee
outs your anxiety -
it’s your tell.

My type

I love girls
with mounds of curls
and romantic flirts
with frilly skirts
who take them for a twirl.

String theory

Sun-kissed skin
generous grin,
gentle hands
with wedding bands -
world’s smallest violin.

Stuck in the ruts

You’re so goddamn smart
but what of your heart?
Will you deny that the scars
that were on on both of ours
were what drove us apart?


I know that you care,
I know that you’re “there”,
but don’t silence my voice,
don’t take away my choice.
Don’t you dare.


A call out of the blue
saying, “I miss you,”
gave me quite the start
and shook up my heart -
What should I do?


The hunter’s bow
Crimson arrow
Pierce the beast’s hide
Pierce the organs inside
Lay my prey low.