A (wise) man of two faces
Musings, commentary, and the occasional parade of novelty.

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The Emperor IV

Astride the red horse,
his ambitions know no bounds,
honor no borders.

The Empress III

Her husband at war,
she uses cunning and guile
to protect her throne.

The High Priestess II

In the cool moonlight,
The Priestess breathes her prayers,
chaste and otherwise.

The Magician I

Magician’s powers
don’t come from smoke and mirrors
but transformation.

The Fool 0/XXII

The Fool makes merry
the king, the court, the people
but never himself.


My head is pounding,
the stress of it all threatens
to break me in two.

The Horde

The crowd pressing in,
too many, to much, too loud -
I must get away.

Happily never after

Once upon a time,
their love was like no other.
Once upon a time…

Through the din

Amid the chaos,
there is beauty to be found,
and there’s hope as well.

The feast

So many flavours,
I must sample each in turn
to find my favourites.

Umbra adventures

After the sunset
the world is ready to sleep;
we crave adventures.

Little white lies

We all have our masks:
parent, sibling, lover, child,
the great Masquerade.

Candy hearts

Hate’s the sweetest thing -
it’s easier to swallow
than most medicine.

Love’s a harder sale -
it needs careful nurturing
and encouragement.

The morning after

The sky looks different,
but I know that is not true;
I’m the one who changed.


The wylds of nature
remain a stone’s throw away,
off the beaten path.