A (wise) man of two faces
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Seasons come and go,
April showers make way for
returning flowers.

Lightning in a bottle

Restless energy,
desperate for an outlet
no matter the cost.


The joy of children
filled with boundless energy
until it’s nap time.


It’s not easy but
take responsibility
for what you have done.


Notes floating along
like bubbling water with
flashing colors.


The heat is horrid,
and uncomfortable, but
the cold cuts far worse.

Statuesque embrace

They held each other,
passion blind to the moment,
they hugged so fiercely.


Fingers entwining
the lovers pillow-talk while
lying by the fire.

The value of a good book

Walk a thousand miles
wearing another man’s shoes
without leaving home.

Deus ex Machina

Oh man-made idol,
you’re a shallow replacement
for a living god.

Naming names 2

I remember
the way you were that night:
a bully, brute - nothing like a

Ebb and flow

The seasons will change
and we must ride the changes
like the moon and the tides.


Purple flowers bloom
between cemetery stones
as life continues.

Icy hot

A spicy entree
is my justification
for ice cream dessert.


The burden and the blame,
the stain on my name;
the feelings of guilt
fall as layers of silt
petrifying my shame.