A (wise) man of two faces
Musings, commentary, and the occasional parade of novelty.

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Green around the edges

First night together -
things got a little awkward,
but they recovered.

Homeward bound

Looking for a place
where I can be myself but
it isn’t easy.


We fear the ending,
and deny it as though we
could change the future.

She had such kind hands 1

She had such kind hands
they almost brought me to tears
they were so gentle.


The creator’s breath
imbuing motionless stone
with a beating heart.


A shadow repressed,
Anima and Animus:
the who we are not.


You should wear a smile
because you cannot be sure
who might be watching.

Social network

The digital age,
a fingertip connection,
and hearts miles apart.

Mad world

The noble demon
carrying his honor
among God’s liars.

Face across the room

You seem familiar,
but I can’t remember where
I’ve seen you before.

Under the hood

The day is filled with
the hustle and bustle of
just what, exactly?

Gilded cage

When was it perhaps
that my comfortable things
became my prison?


The handsome captain
His uniform freshly pressed
The blood scrubbed away.


I don’t know the way,
but I won’t let that stop me
from even trying.


My heart is steady
Everything where it should be
Just as it should be.