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Dirt under his nails
Crisscrossed scars, old and faded
A man’s calluses.

The long, hard job

Sunrise to sunset,
I walk out that door and I
return when work’s done.


Working on the lines,
it’s just another day of
working on the lines.

To the death

I have loved and lost,
and buried my heart so I
would not love again.


Take care whom you hold.
Unworthy arms will never
treat you with respect.

Close to our heart

The words that hurt most
come from the mouths of those whom
we most desire praise.


I am dumbfounded;
the words catch in my throat, and
they refuse to budge.

The catch

Just what should I say
to the people who’ve hurt me.
My words have failed me.

Morning malaise

Why did I think it
a good idea to stay
up past 3am?

Birthday suit

It was no surprise:
he came home caked and messy,
just like he was born.


New flower feeling,
but deliveries have stopped,
and the roses browned.

First-time father

This little person
will be depending on me?
How will I ever…?

They throw the first stone,
trying to knock me down, but
I am the mountain.


All my detractors
try to pull me down with words,
but I will be free.

For spite

They say I will fail,
that I’ll amount to nothing…
I will prove them wrong.