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Break my heart, will you?
I don’t care, it’s
Too late for another
Chance to make things right.
Honestly, you don’t deserve it.

A matter of perspective

Here I stand, ready,
Open to a world of
Emerging before me.


An echoing song
Undulates through the darkness
Manifesting worlds


Predator on a hunt
reeling them in with
eye-contact and a smile -
You’ll never see it coming.


Gaol for the wretched
Inmates who shout and slam
Ball fists, raised high,
Brought down upon the bars
Encircling the riff raff.
Roaring loudly of their humiliation,
Incensed at their circumstances…
Sadly, it’s their own noise which
Hinders understanding and empathy.


Leisurely he mounts
An iron horse, long-tamed,
To meander through the winding streets
Endless in the morning haze.


Seized at the seams
and unraveled;
visceral screams
echo for miles…

My crimson thread:
exhausted at last.

Singing in the rain

A month spent

playing around and

really enjoying the

intricacies of


- This is the end of the acrostics and next month will be limericks.


Flesh, gripping to alabaster bone,

blood, pumping to the metronome,

heart, the will that is our guide

soul, the truth that lies inside.


Churning river water,

heavy with white foam,

overflowing past its limits,

perhaps as encouragement.


Dirty little things/

inside me/

scratching at my belly/

eating my guts/

and soon - very soon - they’ll/

seep into my heart, brain, lungs/

enter my core and I’ll

die, shitting myself soon after.


Silent fingers reaching,

eyes are all ablaze -

crowds are no deterrent;

read the answer in my

eyes to the question

that you don’t need to ask.

I should pray more

Of all the people I’ve

Met, loved, and managed to

Fuck up a relationship with -

Girl, you are the one I regret the most.

Productive thinking

A casual remark

pulls at my frame of mind

and lifts me up to heaven

or torments me in hell with

ranges of negative emotions.



I just have to

lean back and

enjoy life’s

numerous sources of