A (wise) man of two faces
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The padded white walls,
and the sanitary halls,
artificially pristine
like they’re trying to clean
the disgrace of the fall.

The mob 1

Chorus of voices,
raised in celebration? Song?
No - demanding blood.


A thousand year love
was not without its hard times,
but they talked it out.


Regardless the song
keeps flowing along
hurried and breathless,
fevered and restless,
injured…but strong.

Pillow talk

Love in the morning -
the time we had together
was not spent idly.

Not in season

The superficial
and artificial:
see if you can take
something so fake
and make it official.

Green around the edges

First night together -
things got a little awkward,
but they recovered.

Homeward bound

Looking for a place
where I can be myself but
it isn’t easy.

The Professional promenade

The dance
Moving in sync
Circadian rhythm
People working their 9 to 5
Dead beats.


We fear the ending,
and deny it as though we
could change the future.

She had such kind hands 2

She had such kinds hands
like whispers in the night,
like swallow who’re in flight.

She had such kinds hands
gentle, and yet firm
teaching all that she had learned.

She had such kind hands
coaxing gasps and groans,
coaxing sighs and moans.

She had such kind hands
I pray that I will not forget
the kindest hands I’ve ever met.

She had such kind hands 1

She had such kind hands
they almost brought me to tears
they were so gentle.


The creator’s breath
imbuing motionless stone
with a beating heart.

A fine line

Innocent, chaiste
Shining, saving, behaving
A hint of skin
Failing, falling, enthralling
Sinner, slut


A shadow repressed,
Anima and Animus:
the who we are not.